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Mema's Pretty Little Black Girls

2020 African American Literary Award nominated!


The family matriarch Mema was a woman of great wisdom and faith. When her daughter & son-in-law perished in a plane crash, she assumed the responsibility of raising her three granddaughters Shavonne, Cherise and Joyce. She also made a significant impact on the lives of her nieces Marilyn and Monique during their summer visits with her. 

Mema spent years laboring in prayer for the salvation of her Pretty Little Black Girls, as she so affectionately called them. However, as these young women blossom into adulthood they experience many heartaches, disappointments, and personal struggles that challenge their individual belief in God.

Mema has passed away and this year marks the eighth year that the girls have gathered together for her annual memorial celebration. Eight is the biblical number of new beginnings. Will this be the year that Mema’s prayers are answered and her Pretty Little Black Girls allow God back into their lives? Or will the words of prophecy that she has spoken over their lives fail?

After the Benediction


Evangelist Jacey Joyner is loved and admired by as many people who envy her. To the untrained, eye she appears to have it all together; a beautiful family, a thriving ministry, and people to fawn over her. However, after the benediction, she struggles immensely with her own reality to the point that she is haunted by a suicidal presence. Her refusal to forgive her father, former Bishop Jason Loftin, for his thoughtless and scandalous acts, sows grave seeds of bitterness within her that threaten to destroy her relationship with God, her family, and her ministry.
Unable to continue carrying the weighty load of people’s expectations, Jacey is on the verge of simply walking away from it all. However, an ordained encounter with a spiritual eye that is capable of seeing beyond her facade, unmoved by her title and accomplishments, confronts her with truth, love and kindness. Will pride keep Jacey from accepting the truth about her spiritual stagnancy? Or will she have an ear to hear the voice of wisdom and instruction that will rekindle her passion for God and for ministering to his people?


 Christian Indie Book Award nominated title