Woman of God you are absolutely fabulous! You are one of the most unique gifts that God has blessed the earth with.   However, let’s be real. The gift of womanhood encompasses a myriad of responsibilities that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated, forsaken, and drained of vigor, energy, and passion if we fail to allow God to sit on the throne of our hearts in all matters.

Author Sherabim J. Curvin addresses the things that matter the most to women which are, motherhood, marriage, ministry, and money. Touching on these sensitive subjects she personally and prayerfully encourages mother’s to ensure their own personal health as they endeavor to care for their children, exhorts wives and wives-to-be to embrace and fully understand the depth of each of the marriage vows and to saturate their marriages in prayer, embrace their call to ministry, and to honor God with their money.

Women who are married, seeking marriage, mothers, ministry operatives, and/or professionals will

"Heart of a Woman: "Motherhood, Marriage, Ministry, & Money"-Book