“So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work”.(Nehemiah 4:6)

This is an insightful Biblical account that we can glean quite a bit of wisdom and inspiration from. During the Babylonian exile some of the Jewish people had returned home to Judah. However, they had returned home to find their beloved city in utter ruins. One of the returnees visited Nehemiah who was still serving King Ataxerxes in Babylon providing him with a vivid descriptive of the destruction and gloom that hung over their once thriving city.

Nehemiah, as did his fellow brethren, wept at the news of what had become of his hometown. However, out of all of the thousands of Jews who had returned home he quickly realized that boo hooing, complaining, and remaining in a state of mourning was not going to rebuild his city. As you read the text, you will find that he immediately shifted into a strategy that he knew would work…fasting and prayer.

In his prayer he:

  • Repented and acknowledge the fact that his sin, the sin of his family, and the sin of his fellow community was what caused their chaos.

  • He reminded God of His Word that God had promised Moses that if the people returned to him and would be obedient that He would bring them back to the place that He had chosen.

  • He prayed for success

Because Nehemiah desired to honor God by seeing the kingdom rebuilt, God touched the heart of King Ataxerxes to grant him a leave of

absence AND he put a plan and a strategy in Nehemiah’s heart to get the work done. Nehemiah’s enthusiasm, faithfulness, and determination rubbed off on the other thousands of Jews who were still in state of mourning and complaining. Nehemiah’s enthusiasm was so contagious the people banned together and rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem in almost one day!

What’s the life application for us? The life application is:

  • It’s time to STOP mourning about what we lost and to end the pity party. It’s time to STOP beating ourselves up about our past failures!

  • Confess, repent, and acknowledge the role we played in our chaos

  • Remind God of what He promised He was going to do in us and through us

  • Ask God to touch our heart and put in it a strategy and plan to REBUILD what has been torn down in our lives and in the lives of others

  • Be the one that God can trust to help to build HIS Kingdom

  • GET TO WORK and inspire others to GET TO WORK.

Your time for making excuses has EXPIRED. “JUST DO IT!!”

Evang. Sheri Curvin