"An Anointed Step"

As we mature in our walk with the Lord and grow in his grace, the by product is an increased level of confidence in what God has ordained for us to do. As our confidence develops, we courageously begin to take steps of faith into territories that we would not have dared to venture into prior to our encounter with God. We must understand that our growth is only celebrated by us and those who are pro God. The enemy detests our growth and the fact that we have taken steps of faith to terrorize his territory infuriates him.

We must embrace the fact that it’s not us, as individuals, that causes others to dislike us. It’s the anointing that rests upon us to do what we do well. The truth is, our anointing exposes their dysfunction. If you don’t believe me, just ask the man that was possessed with a legion of demons at the Gadarene tomb (see Luke 8:26-39 NKJV)The Scripture says that all Jesus did was STEP out the boat! His anointing was so potent that dysfunction kicked in high gear In the demon possessed man. Satan was angry that Jesus stepped into territory that he thought belonged to him. What I love about the story is that Jesus didn’t flinch. He did not allow the man’s dysfunction to make him doubt who he was and what he was called to do. He simply cast the demons out of the man and went on about his business.

The word to you today is this; don’t flinch when people start acting up when you show up. Don’t doubt your ability because they don’t want to acknowledge you. Rebuke the devil in Jesus name and keep on stepping in the places that God has ordained for you to step in.