A few weeks ago, I preached from the thought “The Birthing & The releasing of the Gift.” They key components of the message was the fact that Moses mother conceived him underneath a threat, birthed him, hid him, and then released him to become the deliverer of Israel. (see Exodus 2:1-4 NLT) One of the points that continues to minister to me from the message comes from verse 2 which states “but when she could no longer hide him…she put the baby in a basket…& laid it in the Nile River”

Many of us have grown by leaps and bounds spiritually and naturally. We have already conceived the dream, vision, gift, ministry, book, songs, cd, and or/business idea from God. Some have gone as far as to birth it…BUT We’ve been keeping it under wraps because of the fear of the threat of:

-People’s opinions -Backlash of the enemy


-The unknown

- Resources

and a host of other reasons. However, your word today is that it’s TIME TO COME OUT OF HIDING, and release your gift! You can’t hide it any longer!……when people look at you they can SEE the hand of God on your life. They can hear His anointing it drip from your words when you simply say “good morning.” Yet, you keep trying to HIDE it.

If the mother of Moses kept hiding him because of fear and did not release him…He would never have become Israel’s deliverer. So what? You don’t know what the outcome will be if you release your gift to the world….neither did she…BUT look at what God did! He had the right person, at the right time, in the right place to receive and nurture the gift into maturity.

Whose deliverance are YOU holding up because you won’t come out of hiding and release your gift? Guess what? Jesus is coming….It’s time to get busy…It’s time to get to work. I encourage you to stop making excuses and “JUST DO IT!”

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