It's Time To Take Care of YOU!

It'sTime To Take Care of YOU!

Published June 21, 2016 | By Sheri Allen-Curvin

The demands placed on today’s women are fierce. We work, we care for our spouses, we tend to our children, we educate ourselves, and we operate in ministry. At times we are functioning in all of these capacities simultaneously. My experience, has taught me that in the process, we often forget to take care of ourselves and we end up feeling drained and exhausted all of the time.

As much as life demands of us, we must learn how to put on the breaks and take the time to rest our minds and our bodies. If we our immune systems are broken down as a result of fatigue, and our minds are overwhelmed with anxiety we will not be as efficient as we ought to be.

Women, we must master the art of saying “NO.” Saying “NO” is not a curse word! It is an underused BLESSED word! We are not obligated to attend every event and participate in every project that is asked of us; especially if it is not advantageous or beneficial to us.

Elect-ladies, when was the last time that you took a day off from meeting everyone else’s demands and spent time on simply pampering yourself? YOU DESERVE a spa day, a day at the beach, or simply time alone to recuperate and regroup!! Please take a day off to invest in YOURSELF and don’t feel guilty about it! You not only deserve it but you NEED IT. You will be a BETTER YOU if you do!