Matthew 14:22-29 Jesus Christ To The Rescue

“A short story”

Today’s nuggets of empowerment will be in short story form:

The blustery winds taunted them with its chilling howl and banshee like shrieks, as they struggled to maintain their stance within the violently rocking vessel. Fear of their fishing boat capsizing gripped their heart, and “the end” appeared imminent.

As the rippling waves of the sea, so were the feelings of abandonment and betrayal that engulfed their being as they remembered that their Lord insisted that they take this journey. How could He allow this to happen to them? Had they not obeyed His commandment to journey to the other side? Did He suddenly lose His omniscient ability to foresee the trial that they were destined to face? How could the man that they had forsaken all for now forsake them?

Exhausted from their futile attempt to survive the storm without their Master’s presence all seemed hopeless. Hopeless, that is, until peering through the thick darkness of the night, they beheld a mystique figure leisurely strolling upon the salty sea waves as casually as one walking in the park on a cool summer day . Fear had now progressed to sheer and unparalleled trepidation as the figure continued to glide towards them. As they braced themselves for an encounter with this unknown, a soothing and reassuring voice, like that of a mother, calling to her terror-stricken child, subdued the wailing wind with these eight simple words: ““Don’t be afraid,” he said. “Take courage. I am here!”

You word today…whatever you have been going through Jesus Christ is coming to your rescue! Know this:

  1. You DID not hear God wrong! Yes, he told you to venture out and take the journey of faith that you are on!

  1. Though it may appear that your obedience to God has yielded nothing but friction and has propelled you into a storm be reassured that it was orchestrated to show you another level of His Omnipotence.

  1. Don’t attempt to survive the storm without Christ; it will leave you listless.

  1. Take courage. He knew what you were going to endure this BEFORE He sent you out….and He is going to show up for you and prove to YOU that He was with you all along!