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"A Cause Worth Fighting For"

A few weeks ago, I had to minister to a woman who was distraught because her teen aged daughter had been engaged in an altercation that resulted in her arrest and conviction of aggravated assault. The young lady had been trying to defend herself, however, the judge that presided over her case was merciless and initially refused to consider a plea bargain of any type to reduce the harshness of the sentencing. The mother and daughter were both devastated as this was the first offense ever committed by the child. As any caring parent would do, the mom requested an appeal to the ruling and a new date was set to review the case. The mother believed that her daughter’s future was a cause worth fighting for.

As a mother myself, my heart was immediately filled with compassion for this woman and I agreed that I would go into intercession on behalf of the daughter. The retrial was set for a Thursday morning. I went into prayer a few days before and then the Thursday of the court day. In my prayer time, the Lord spoke to me pray against the “Unjust Judge”(see Luke 18:1-5) and intercede that on the day of the trial the young lady would stand before a “Just Judge.” I texted the mom, to tell her to pray the same thing before they went to court.

At 1:08 pm , Thursday afternoon, the mom texted me these words “From your mouth to God’s ear she went before a just judge and received no jail time; just probation for 1 year.” You cannot tell me that the God that I serve is not real and does not answer prayer! How awesome is MY God!!

The Lord began to speak to me after I read the text message. So many times in life, we are denied fairness and favor because we are dealing with unjust people who lack compassion and empathy. We accept there “NO” and their judgment, not realizing that we serve a God who has the final say and ruling over every aspect of our lives. Just because they say “NO;” doesn’t mean that God does.

Is your cause worth fighting for? If you are experiencing injustice in your life, I encourage you to not accept the verdict that has been rendered by the unjust one. Connect with a prayer partner and plead your case before the “Just Judge, Jesus Christ, our advocate(I John 2:1). He is able to move people out of the way, redirect the thoughts of man, turn hearts that were against us towards, and replace those who are unwillingly to comply with His terms. Just as God ordered a new ruling with a just judge for this woman and her daughter; He can order a new ruling over your life’s situation.

Remember, this, “God has spoken once, Twice I have heard this: That power belongs to God” (Psalms 62:11)

Stay blessed, and remain encouraged.

Sheri Allen-Curvin

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