Cheer Up

A couple of weeks ago, while driving back to my office from my lunch break, I started to feel a tad bit melancholy. I began contemplating on some of the events that had transpired in my life over the course of the past several years. I said within myself “Wow, If certain things had not occurred, my life would be problem free and I would be clos…er to living a life of “perfection.”

The moment the thought entered my mind, I literally heard God say to me. “No, it would not!” “I made a promise in my Word that most people don’t remember!” I frowned; slightly puzzled. I honestly wasn’t talking to God at the moment and He just chose to interrupt my conversation with myself! However, recognizing His voice, I stopped to listen to what He had to say me.

The Lord said “ I promised in my Word that In this world ye SHALL have tribulation!” (John 16:33). “I forewarned and guaranteed that you will have to endure challenges in this life. If you didn’t go through “that” then you would have gone through something else!” He continued to speak. “BUT it’s a two part promise! I also promised you that I have already overcome every possible ensnarement, trial, or test that can ever touch your life! When I hung on Calvary I overcame it all so CHEER UP!”

Man, my heart was lifted after He reminded me that every challenge that can ever manifest itself; He already overcame it on Calvary’s cross! Because Christ overcame, so shall we overcome! My friends I encourage you today CHEER UP! Regardless of the intensity of the trial that you may currently be enduring remember that Christ already overcame it with you in mind!

Empowering You to Empower Others, Sherabim J