“Him” Memoirs of a Baby’s Mama By Sherabim J. Curvin After the Storm Publishing Anthology

The Preparation

Gently rummaging my fingers through my freshly trimmed and color tinted hair, I take a last survey of the room to ensure that everything is perfectly situated. After weeks of neurotic nesting, I am overwhelmed by a sense of satisfaction as I admire the décor. Decals of images from Walt Disney’s The Lion King gracefully illuminate the newly painted walls while complementing accent pieces adorn the corners of the room. The ceiling fan quietly hums; adding an aura of tranquility and sweet serenity to the nursery.

I tenderly finger the edges of the bamboo colored crib and lean over and smooth out the bedding that patiently awaits the arrival of its owner. The matching crib mobile sways gently as the song “Rock-a-bye baby” serenades me. I am overflowing with excitement and disbelief that this is about to happen. After 38years, I am finally going to experience the joy of being a mother. In just a few hours the world will be illuminated with glorious wonder as I deliver Him into it.

The countdown has begun. Today is December the 19th, 2013. I am scheduled to be induced, December 20th; in less than 24 hours. I am petrified and thrilled simultaneously. I attempt to remain calm and enjoy the moment. However, I am on the brink of delivering and innocent and helpless human being into this chaotic world for the first time! How can anyone realistically expect me to remain calm?? Thoughts race through my head ranging from did I remember to pack everything for Him? Was the snow suit that I had purchased for Him from Burlington Coat Factory going to be too big? Oh, God! worst yet…what if it was too small for Him and they wouldn’t let me bring Him home? Jesus, Lord what if while en route to the hospital, we become entrapped by a blizzard and I go into labor in the car. Geesh! I thought that I was prepared for this! Right now my mind is jiggling like Jello-O as I try to process my reality!

The Labor & Delivery

We’ve here. St. Joseph’s Hospital, located in Paterson, NJ. Initially, I was distraught at the thought of delivering my child in such a crime ridden city. However, the waves of sweet consolation flooded my soul as my research assured me that this medical facility was one of the highest ranked in state of New Jersey. What a comfort to know that His birthplace will not depict his future greatness; and yes, I anticipate courageous feats and accomplishments from Him.

I’m all registered and I have been directed to the birthing room where I will receive further instructions. My husband assists me in changing into my hospital gown. I search his eyes for comfort as the familiarity of nervousness begins to surface within me. Compassion for my husband replaces the comfort that I had expected to receive from him as I sense his own squeamishness and nervousness about becoming a father again after a 16 year hiatus.